Chriwen Natural Care by Copper Protect

11.04.2018 11:46

For thousand of years, copper has been used in hygienic areas. Scacely a trace element works so complex and nevertheless inconspicuous in our body. 
Copper is essential for humans as well as larger animals and is required for the construction of certain proteins with enzxme function. 
However, as an essential trace element, it can not be produced by the human organism itself, so that it must be absorbed by other means. 
The Chriwen Natural Care line offers a fashionable wellness collection, which uses innovative Copper Protect technology to equip textiles with copper ions*. 
These get into contact with the skin in the tissue and the organism, where they unfold their full effect. Among the most important properties of copper are:
The increase in performance due to an improved supply of the body with oxygen
Protection of the skin by the regenration and formation of connective tissue, as well as the natural pigmenation and growth of the hair
Improving wound healing and strenthening the immune system.

Copper has a natural anti-microbial effect against many bacteria and viruses. Thus it not only prevents the growth of bacteria in textiles, it even eliminates them by 99,9%, as scientific studies prove.